Shampoo für Sams

Hier geht es um Fragen rund um die Entwicklung und Optimierung von Shampoos, Conditionern, Haarfluids, Festigern und anderen Produkten für unsere Haare.

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Shampoo für Sams

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Sorry for having to write this in english! Feel free to answer in German :)

They say shampoo is a very simple formula - my first try came out too slimy (too much xanthan/glycerin?) and it brings a lot of hair static. So much hair static that lasted 2 whole days. :irre:

So two questions:
1) Can i "save" that shampoo by adding 2% oil now, after its fully mixed? Will this add the moisture to cancel that static?
2) Should I use a combination of less glycerin/xanthan + a little salt to make it less slimy? Are there published charts of surfactants/xanthan ratio?

I'm using Surfalux, Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside.

Thanks so much for your time and help!


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Re: Shampoo für Sams

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it would be always better to have your whole formulation with percentages of the ingredients to give any advice.
I personally would not add any ingredients at a later stage to an already finished product - you could also add unwanted contamination; if you don’t like it for your hair, use it under the shower.
Normally conditioning ingredients reduce hair static’s.
Here a list with chemicals.
Very often Cetrimonium Chloride is used.
And a little information about thickeners.
Good luck,
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