Bitte verrate mir kurz deine Sonnenschutzroutine

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Re: Bitte verrate mir kurz deine Sonnenschutzroutine

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That's actually an interesting way of looking at it. I am not a big star at that kind of matter, to be honest. So I can not verify if it it's valid. Maybe someone knows if that is a valid way of thinking (or can give it a try). It sounds to me it could be. :pfloesch:
I find it definately an interesting one...

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Re: Bitte verrate mir kurz deine Sonnenschutzroutine

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One of my favorite sources when it comes to SPF has a couple of very interesting blog posts on this topic:
- Post 1
- Post 2

Based on the research cited in these posts, I think these considerations are valid.
Liebe Grüsse, Meghan

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Re: Bitte verrate mir kurz deine Sonnenschutzroutine

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I also wear SPF every single day, summer and winter. About 1,3g - in summer I always weigh it, in winter I eyeball the amount. My desk is right at the window, and I walk my dogs every day- so even on days I don't leave the house a lot I really want my skin to be protected.

Finding an affordable, vegan, effective sunscreen that you do not need to order online has been tough, but this year I discovered (thanks to the Internet) Sunozon Sonnenschutzfluid at Rossmann and I've worn their sunscreens consistently ever since finding them (there are several, and as they were hyped this year, the med and sensitive versions were often sold out, but they also have an anti-aging and a "normal" version. Those are scented, but still acceptable for me - no crying because of octocrylene, no white cast, etc).
Liebe Grüße von Bora